"For our international friends (Hi Enzo, hi Greg, hi Troy!)"

First came Abba, Bjorn Borg and The Swedish Chef. And now Team Ducky Racing - soon at a racetrack near you! Our aim is to drive our competitors mad, not to mention off the track. We will then proceed to take the chequered flag and share the top of the podium together as a team. Aaah - what a picture!

This year the Swedish Rookie 600 Championship, next year - GP1!

The weapons we have chosen are two perfectly prepared Ducati 748Rs. The 748 is, as everyone in the business knows but will not acknowledge, so fast and ferocious that the riders in the Supersport World Championship are scared to ride them! This is of course no problem for the two immensely talented riders of Team Ducky Racing. For us this is only part of the challenge!

Our competitors will not even know what ducked them! As one of them, Mr F. Urbee, said before selling his bike and running for cover: "Me scared, me scared!!"

All financial contributions (use banknotes please) can be sent to: Team Ducky Racing, c/o D. Duck, 12 Egg lane, Ducksville. The tight-fisted of you are welcome to send us your love by email.

Beware of the Ducks!